Extreme FULL CONTROL Clear rubber Base 15ml

19,90  Sis. Alv 24%

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Extreme FULL CONTROL Base 15 g


Extreme Base FULL CONTROL is a clear self-leveling, flexible rubber BIAB-like gel product with an INNOVATIVE formula.

Its strongest bonding properties give an ideal adhesion to the nail plate.




About the product:


– excellent adhesion

– neutral PH level

– ideal for gel polish, gel, acrylic-gel system

– perfect for nail hardening

– possibility of application without using of a primer (primer is still –

– recommended for thin and damaged nail plate)

– can be used as a thin layer or as a building layer

– durable in extremely difficult conditions

– ideally works in difficult cases as wet, problematic nail plate

– soak-off

– does not get bubbles during application

– provides maximum adhesion


innovative Control Curing formula provides the comfort due a curing process


resistance to yellowing

LED / UV formula